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Yellow oil from various herbs including Phlai, Wan Mahamek, Wan Thorahod, Wan Ma-Hor, Wan Ma-Leung, Wan Phrak, Wan En-Leung, Turmeric, Eucalyptus, Patchouli, Menthol, Camphor to help relieve pain, stiff lines, stiff hands. Numb feet, beriberi, cramps, insect bites, backaches, lower back pain, knees, bruises, and inhalation relieve dizziness. It helps to breathe more easily.



Yellow Oil

  • Inhale or apply to the desired area.

    If allergies and irritation occur, stop using and see a doctor immediately. Used for external, do not eat.

  • Phlai : Helps reduce inflammation, relieve pain, swelling, stiff lines, stiffness, sprains, bruises and swelling.


    Wan Mahamek: Relieves colic tightness in the chest.


    Wan Thorahod: Helps antioxidants and various inflammations, which are the causes of degeneration and abnormalities of cells in the body.


    Wan Ma-Hor: It will help the tendons not be tight.


    Wan Ma-Leung: Herbal medicine to cure paresis, and paralysis, nourish energy, relieve exhaustion, relieve aches and pains, relieve sprains, and relieve joint pain.

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