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Introducing our Towel Freshener, the perfect solution to refresh towels or linens and create a welcoming experience for your guests.


This innovative product is designed to eliminate odors and leave towels smelling fresh and clean.

Simply spray a light mist over your towels or use it on a cold towel to create a refreshing welcome for your guests.


The customizable scent options make it easy to match the fragrance to your personal preferences or the ambiance of your space.


Say goodbye to musty, stale odors and hello to a revitalized and inviting atmosphere with our Towel Freshener.


100 ml

Towel Freshener

  • Spray on the towels while they're hanging and say goodbye to the smell of mold


    In summer, can also pour some of our freshener in water, dip small towels in the water, roll them and put in the refrigerator for a while. Offer it to your visitors or simply use them to refresh your hands, face or neck.

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